Actions show lack of responsibility

Watching you buy $20 worth of scratch-off tickets out of the vending machine at Piggly Wiggly and then watching you pay for your food with a state card.

Seeing that thin blue line sticker or tag on your car, knowing you have it there to try and spare you a ticket.

Watching a Continental with state Legislature plates tear through Warwick at better than 70 and the Officer ignoring it.

Seeing the types of cars parked at subsidized housing, knowing they are being paid for with the money you are saving by living there.

Interviewing, or just speaking with, a recent high school graduate from the area and realizing they never should have made it out of grammar school.

Having a new hire that needed a job be late three days and not show up on the fourth day after calling to say they would be late.

Hearing someone call a place a speed trap because they got ticketed for doing 68 in a 45 zone.

The number of Repo Trucks working the area, indicating how many folks don't honor their commitments.

What ever happened to personal responsibility?