Reginald Smith gets sentenced to 20 years

ALBANY -- Reginald Smith, the man who gained notoriety from the behavior he exhibited during his trial last month, has been sentenced to 20 years.

The sentence for Smith was handed down at the Dougherty County Jail on Monday afternoon.

After a two-day trial, Smith was found guilty on July 21 of aggravated assault on a police officer, misdemeanor obstruction of an officer, carrying a concealed weapon and carrying a weapon without a license. Smith was found not guilty on one count of felony obstruction.

Smith, 41, was sentenced to serve 10 years for the aggravated assault charge and be given credit for time served on the three misdemeanor convictions. For the 10 years remaining, he will be on probation.

Even with his hands and legs were bound to a wheeled chair and his mouth gagged, Smith managed to hurl vindictive vulgarities during his trial. He was eventually removed from the courtroom by Chief Superior Court Judge Willie Lockette.

For his sentencing, bailiffs had him restrained in a chair with a helmet on his head. He could be heard yelling as he being wheeled into the jail's courtroom.

As he was being asked to be quiet, he shouted, "They are trying to kill me" and "Let me outta here."

Dougherty Chief Assistant District Attorney Heather Lanier stated at the sentencing that Smith should have been given the 20-year sentence based on his "complete lack of respect for the law."

Smith's attorney, Karen Brown, while admitting that her client has had issues in the past, pushed for a lesser sentence. "His record doesn't reflect this kind of sentencing," she said.

Smith, 41, was put in restraints, his head covered with black netting and a white gag wrapped around his mouth, jaw and head so he could attend his trial. He had disrupted the proceedings on July 20 by screaming and threatening court officers. That forced Lockette to restrain Smith.

After the jury was seated and a witness began testimony, he became more agitated and, despite his gag, hurled vulgarities at the witness.

Jordan Harris, the man who has yet to stand trial in the shooting death of Walter Phelps, was also set to be sentenced Monday for two robbery charges he was found guilty of in May. Officials have to reschedule his sentencing because the Department of Corrections did not bring him to the Dougherty County Jail as scheduled.

As of Monday afternoon, his sentencing date had yet to be determined.