Tea partiers behaving like spoiled children

I, along with so many others, was relieved upon the announcement by our president on Sunday evening. I do however, take no comfort in the fact that that the elected leader of our great country has been forced to cry "uncle" by a pack of faux "patriots"!

I no longer savor my tea, realizing the threat these folks pose as they defy rational logic and threaten the basic beliefs of our founding fathers in an effort to accomplish their personal agenda and goal, which seems to consist of spreading dissention.

Flexing their muscle and digging in their heels have demonstrated that the tea party candidates are no different than children, lying on the floor, kicking, screaming, holding their breath and turning blue as they insist on having their way!

Having raised nine children, I remember a sober solution offered by my pediatrician at one point -- that being, that I should dash a glass of cold water on my rather upset toddler when he frightfully used these tactics in an effort to have his way.

Reluctantly, I found my doctor's method necessary to employ (child cruelty?), but it worked and I never had to do it again !

It is my personal hope and prayer that voters in future elections will be aware of the cold water method and not allow candidates to intimidate them by their out-of-control methods so that some degree of sanity can be restored to our governing body and leadership.