Tea partiers pressing for positive change

From my perspective as a taxpayer, voter and "Tea Party" member, the non-stop debt ceiling debacle certainly did not lead me to conclude that government was, in fact, changing its way of doing business as hoped for from the last election results.

There is an old expression, "The elephant labored and gave birth to a mouse." I never associated that with political parties in the past, yet now it seems hauntingly appropriate. We had, with both parties, a classic example of why people, watching our government's dysfunctional behavior, are even more convinced that Washington is broken and perhaps beyond repair. As an example, Washington has been struggling with FFA funding, but can't seem to resolve financial problems of one agency, let alone the debt crisis for the entire government.

During debt ceiling negations, our vice president and others called us terrorists in an attempt to shame or marginalize us. We were told we were in a crisis, yet that didn't stop name-calling and fear-mongering. All a bit childish, don't you think? However, whatever "they" call us, we have a responsibility to continue to press for a return to constitutionally guided, limited government that champions the things that made this country, in the past, the best in the world.

Won't you join us?