Value people more than your possessions

Do not be addicted to the society atmosphere in Washington, D.C. Those people need a camp meeting with God. Cars, houses, airplanes and all worldly things are no comfort.

One man owned 14 trucks; one woman owned eight houses. You know what? God took them in a moment's eye out of this world. If in a broken home or a godly home, some must go into the next world from which there is no return.

Give up things of this world. Give to those less fortunate. We all like to stock up things of this world and value everything bought as we go daily. If God tells you to give to a person you know and maybe you say to God that the person has everything, don't hesitate to give as God does.

Show you don't value your stuff as much as that person needs a channel of love from you. Give and be happy in our Lord.