WG&L's revenues challenged

ALBANY, Ga. -- The Albany City Commission has tasked City Manager James Taylor with reviewing the finances of the Albany Water, Gas & Light Commission to ensure that the utility is forwarding to the city the proper amount of funding.

This issue centers on a 2005 city ordinance that changed the formula both entities use to determine how much revenues WG&L -- a municipal utility that is part of the city government -- is required to pay the city each year.

Specifically, Commissioner Tommie Postell and City Attorney Nathan Davis believe that WG&L has not been paying the city its proper portion of the utility's non-metered revenue.

Non-metered revenue is money collected that is not directly related to water, gas or electricity consumption, including such things as late payment fees and connection charges.

"It's important that we get our fair share of their revenues," Postell said. "We've got an ordinance and they need to follow it."

Postell said he believed there should be a joint meeting between the board of the Albany City Commission and the board of Water, Gas & Light, who oversee the utility, to get answers to the revenue question.

Last year, WG&L transferred a total of $7.5 million to the city of Albany.