America needs better class of politicians

I am writing my letter early in the morning (Tuesday), wondering if we are getting any Social Security checks tomorrow. I am not worried as God has never let me down, but I don't like the feeling that seniors are hostage to the politicians' squabbles. They squandered through the years our money and now the desert us.

I remember when I visited my mother in Hungary before the communist government ceased. They tried to starve the old. They brought her lunch consisting of oatmeal soup, one apple and a slice of bread. She didn't recognize me and she already looked like a skeleton. Well, fortunately here, I don't have to worry about being starved. I just like to pay my bills on time so I don't get late-fee charges.

I'd like all children and parents to get on their computers and encourage everyone to vote for new people in Congress and Senate.

Don't let your seniors be mistreated. Eventually you will be one and it

will happen if we let them. They went and swore to work for us and committed perjury by working together against us. Because of them and the Supreme Court, they kicked God out of the schools, voting for immorality, so don't wonder when all the disasters hit us. As much as God is a loving, patient deity, he does punish and gets angry. Now he is letting us suffer, waiting for when we're going to wake up and tell our lawmakers we want him back.

Without him, we have no right to sing, "God Bless America." He gave us a wonderful country, prosperity, fertile land. But I see football, baseball, iPods, computers and these gadgets taking over. Your children are mesmerized playing and texting on these tools of Satan.

Thank God I was raised with classical music, learning embroidery art. I learned a deeper understanding of right and wrong and consideration of my fellow man. Let's get good men in Washington. God is waiting patiently. He is here with us.