Man injured by pit bull

ALBANY -- A brindle pit bull jumped up and tore into a man's arm about 2:10 p.m. Wednesday, leaving him with an inch-long laceration, an Albany Police Department report stated.

Walter Braswell was cleaning his truck in a driveway next to his neighbor's residence at 100 Wescott Drive when the dog attacked, the report said. The pit bull was accompanied by two dachsunds that did not attack.

"The owner of the dog then came out of 100 Wescott and put the dogs in a gray Honda car and left the scene," the report stated.

According to the report, the rest of the incident unfolded like this: Braswell's neighbor in the apartment where the dogs and their owner were visiting, Joel Caldwell, called the dog's owner, John Sowell.

The responding Animal Control agent, David Jones, took the phone to advise Sowell that his dog must be quarantined for rabies observation.

Sowell "said he had the dog euthanized and would not give his location," the report stated.

The case remains open, the report added.

In an unrelated incident involving a "vicious" pit bull and a bulldog on the 400 block of Lipsey Drive Wednesday, animal control agents tranquilized the bulldog, the report stated. After the bulldog was subdued, both dogs were taken to the Albany Humane Society.