House builds hope to benefit Lily Pad

Photo by Joe Bellacomo

Photo by Joe Bellacomo

ALBANY, Ga. -- The House that Hope Built, a joint project of Home Builders of Albany and SWGA and the Lily Pad is designed to benefit both groups with the sale of a "showcase home," according to Caitlyn Cooper, development director of the Lily Pad.

The house, built by the Home Builders organization in the McIntosh Farms subdivision of Lee County, is to be sold in August at market value, said George McIntosh, past president of Home Builders of Albany and SWGA. A part of the proceeds from that sale will benefit the Lily Pad. The Lily Pad is a non-profit organization committed to providing "compassionate, comprehensive care to sexual assault and child abuse victims and their families."

To kick off the event, the two sponsors will host a preview party, including dinner, an open (no cost) bar and music by the Michel Jons Band. It's to be held at the Hasan Temple in Albany on Friday. A portion of the $25 ticket price will benefit the Lily Pad.

Originally, the showcase home, built by contributions of time and labor by members of the Home Builders organization, was to be raffled, with the cost of tickets being $300 each.

As part of an earlier "media alert," Cooper said that "because of the economy and hardships happening right here in our community," the raffle had been abandoned and the groups had gone to the market value sale idea.

Speaking of material and labor contribution by various Home Builder organization members, Jack Daniel Garrett, president of the home builders organization, said that many who donated time and materials to the project took "a lot of time" away from their businesses to help build the Lee County house.

"It wasn't easy for them to do," Garrett said. "but it's an unbelievable house, for sale at a great price."

Several area charities have benefited from similar Home Builder projects in the past. According to Garrett, he and the 20-member board of Home Builder organization were in agreement that Lily Pad should be this year's recipient.

"They are really good people," Garrett said, speaking of the staff at Lily Pad. "People don't realize how much good they do over such a wide area. The sale of this home could make up to $35,000 or even $40,000 for their organization."

"Our board and our staff are really excited they chose us to benefit this year," Cooper said.

For advance tickets to the preview dinner event, contact (229) 291-1700.