Albany man joins a select group honored by sheriffs

ALBANY, Ga. -- An Albany man became the eighth man in Dougherty County to become a "Lifetime Honorary Member" of the Georgia Sheriffs' Association.

Holman P. Holt, 80, humbly accepted a plaque and the thanks of Dougherty County Sheriff Kevin Sproul Thursday. Holt has consistently supported Georgia Sheriffs' Youth Homes with his time and money, Sproul said.

"Mr. Holt has certainly demonstrated concern and awareness as to the difficulties faced by the many dependent and neglected youth served by the youth homes," Sproul said. "The lifetime membership and plaque are a small token and expression of appreciation for his dedication and most generous support."

Holt, a retired U.S. Air Force serviceman who served with the Strategic Air Command, said he began his dedication to the youth homes more than 15 years ago.

"I saw the boys' ranch as I was driving by," Holt said. "I stopped and asked what it was. I retired from my job and began donating. I like the organization."

The sheriff's organization serves children who have suffered physical and emotional neglect and who do not function well in their homes, public schools or community. They are not adjudicated delinquents.

The youth home residents begin their residence as youth characterized by low self-esteem, emotional handicaps and poor academic success. Residents then learn to resolve their personal conflicts, find themselves, learn proper values and work toward lawful, productive and secure futures.

"I know one boy who has gone on to college and is going for his master's degree," Holt said. "I hear he is fixing to get married."