Tip leads to alleged burglar arrest

ALBANY, Ga. -- In less than 24 hours, a Crime Stoppers tip led to the arrest of an Albany man in connection with two church break-ins.

Darryl Lamar Quimbley, 45, was arrested at 3:30 p.m. on three burglary warrants and a probation violation at his 312 W. Tift Ave. residence, an Albany Police Department report stated. The request for tips went out after 9 p.m. Tuesday via email.

"Two of the warrants are related to church break-ins," APD spokeswoman Phyllis Banks said. "The arrest was made without any resistance from Quimbley."

Police believe Quimbley broke into the Greater Cutliff Grove Church at 835 W. Broad Ave. on Feb. 14 and the Christian Covenant Church at 1105 W. Second Ave. on July 23, Banks said.

According to reports, the burglar broke through the bathroom window at the Greater Cutliff Grove Church, went to the office and rifled a safe, taking more than $800 in cash and checks. The thief left frozen chicken legs and frozen pies, probably from the church freezer, in the safe.

Officers also found a frozen pecan pie box in the parking lot. A church official called about the break-in found a stack of stolen checks made out to the church on the 800 block of West Broad Avenue.

At the Christian Covenant Church, a smashed bathroom window also provided entry for the burglar, the report said. The burglar pried open filing cabinets and scattered papers and other office materials on the floor. A folding knife and drapes with blood stains were found.

No further information about the burglaries, stolen goods or the bloody drapes was immediately available.