Spending, not the tea party, nation's problem

After watching the president and several others condemn the tea party movement, and some congressional leaders calling the tea party terrorists; my question is, are they that stupid, or has common sense gone down the drain in Washington?

When the president took office, the national debt was $8 trillion. The Democrats, with the help of the president, have increased the national debt to $12 trillion in 2-plus years. It has been estimated that the debt will be $22 trillion at the end of eight years of Obama.

After 800 days-plus, the president and the Democrats have yet to come up with a budget. Why? The Democrats gave billions of dollars to the big banks and Wall Street, who gave millions to their employees for doing a good job (the ones who tanked the economy to begin with). Guess who is one of the biggest supporters of the Democrats?

When they talk of cutting entitlements, the first thing I hear is Social Security and Medicare. (I cannot figure out how Social Security is an entitlement since I have paid into it since I was 14.) Not once have I heard of anyone cutting welfare. I guess that is part of the redistribution of wealth the president was talking about.

The president and the Democratic majority have increased federal employees by more than 100,000 people. What are all these people doing besides collecting a check? Why is the officer to enlisted men ratio in the armed forces twice as high as in World War II?

Want to save money? Try pulling all of our troops out of S. Korea, Germany, Japan, etc. They get the benefit of our strength but pay none of the cost. If they want us there, have them pay us. If not, get our troops home. Then we could close down the Mexican border easily. Eliminate worthless federal departments, i.e., education, urban planning and a long long list of others.

If the Democrats think the tea party are terrorists, what are they going to think after the 2012 elections? Most of the representatives in Washington need to wake up. Most of the states have balanced budgets mandated. The federal government needs the same mandate, no exceptions.