Rabies quarantine over; dog goes home

ALBANY, Ga. -- Although the rabies quarantine showed the pit bull that bit him is not rabid, Walter Braswell remains angry.

"I don't think it is a good idea to release him to his owner," Braswell said. "That is a dangerous dog."

Braswell was cleaning his truck in a driveway next to his neighbor's residence on Wescott Drive when Duke, a brindle pit bull, bit into Braswell's arm ripping a hole in it.

Animal control agents cited the dog's owner, John Sowell, with leaving an animal at large and no rabies tags. Braswell said he wants the Albany Police Department to charge Sowell with a more violent crime.

"He should be charged with aggravated assault," Braswell said. "He clearly sicced the dog on me."

Sowell was visiting Joel Caldwell at his Westcott Drive residence when Duke and two dachshunds went out the door. His version of what happened differs from Braswell's.

Braswell "kicked my Trixie (a dachshund). He provoked the whole thing," Sowell said. "Duke reacted in defense. If it wasn't for Duke -- I was fixing to go to jail for getting on him (Braswell). I want him charged with cruelty to animals."

The incident report said that when reached about the attack by a police officer, Sowell said, "He had the dog euthanized and would not give its location."

Sowell said the reported conversation was a lie.

The possibility of a civil suit remains, Braswell said.