Government poised to tax transactions


Staff Photos: Erin Evans. Waley Harjkeem starts out his Friday mornings as he always done since 1993 and calls Bingo at the Olivia Haydel Senior Center. Center Director Jackie Lunsford says he greets everyone by saying, "Good morning, lets play bingo!"

Corrupt governments especially those that are bankrupt, will go to great lengths to maintain their power. Didn't Barack Obama promise that anyone making less than $250,000 a year would see no new taxes? Well, he lied.

Be on the lookout for new House Bill HR 4646, which will levy a 1 percent tax on all financial transactions. Want to deposit your paycheck into your bank account? Pay 1 percent. Want to withdraw money from your credit union account? Pay 1 percent.

Any and all financial transactions will be charged a 1 percent tax under this bill. Of course, it will be called a "transaction fee" or some other such language, but in reality will be nothing more than just another new tax. And we'll be told that it will help "pay down the debt." Another lie.

One percent may not sound like a lot to most people, and many will probably shrug it off as no big deal. However, keep in mind that once any tax is in place, the government can and will raise it in the future. I hope this will encourage people to contact their "representative(s)."

The criminals in Washington won't stop until they've turned America into a third-world country.