What-if? game getting hairy

Photo by Vicki Harris

Photo by Vicki Harris

Everybody has their price.

Apparently, when it comes to World Series Game 7 tickets at Turner Field in Atlanta, the price my family would be willing to pay involves shaving my head. Not their heads ... my head.

"You'd do that for us, wouldn't you? It would grow back." Our 14-year-old daughter looked at me cautiously and her brother let out a low laugh as the words came out of their father's mouth. Just another friendly game of "what would you do for" at the Flynn house.

I hated to burst their imaginary bubble. I would not be willing to shave my head if that was the only way to get tickets to Game 7 of the World Series, even if the Braves were playing. I wouldn't do that ... would I?

"What would you do?" I asked them, a little afraid to hear the answer. If they would sell their own mother's -- their own wife's -- hair, it couldn't be good. It wasn't. Two out of three them would be willing to give away the dog.

"The dog?!" I exclaimed. "You'd give away the dog for baseball tickets?"

True, he had been annoying lately, barking incessantly at absolutely nothing and staring at me blankly when I try to have conversations with him. I think we just haven't spent enough time together lately. He's feeling ignored. But after nine and a half years, I've grown rather attached.

I had to take the stakes even higher.

"Would you not watch one, not one, college football game all season if you could have Game 7 World Series tickets in Atlanta?" Oooooo. That was a good one. And I stared straight at my husband. Take that, Mr. It-Would-Grow-Back.

I at least expected a pause.

"Absolutely not. No way," he said immediately. A big, fat defiant "No."

Well, no problem shaving my head, but he wouldn't give up just one Georgia/Florida. My daughter had no problem giving up college football, which, and I quote, she thinks is "boring and doesn't make sense." Her father quit breathing for a few seconds at that statement, but recovered enough to declare that he would give up watching professional football for a whole season.

I am not a selfish person. There is plenty I would sacrifice for tickets. I would give up television and even caffeine. It wouldn't be pretty, but I would do it. For the family. For baseball.

"Oh, the question was what we would do for two tickets to the World Series," my husband clarified. "Only two of us could go." He forgot to mention that.

"So, let me be clear," I said. "You would have me shave my head for a game I wouldn't even get to go to?" That changed everything.

They looked at me, doe-eyed, with a "you-would-if-you-loved-us look." My husband and daughter duo had started this little imaginary "what if" game, but I was about to finish it.

"I'd shave my head," I said. I'd do it for the family. For baseball.

Only thing I didn't tell them -- I'd be the one getting those imaginary tickets and I'd be the one deciding who goes with me.

The dog and I, we're going to have a really nice time.

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