City to seek $3.2 million from FAA for airport terminal

This photo shows a rendering of the Southwest Georgia Regional Airport.

This photo shows a rendering of the Southwest Georgia Regional Airport.

ALBANY -- The Albany City Commission approved a request by the director of Southwest Georgia Regional Airport Tuesday to speak with the Federal Aviation Administration about partially funding the construction of the new airport terminal.

Airport Director Yvette Aehle said that the higher of the lowest two bids for construction of the terminal was around $3.2 million, which would give her a good ballpark figure to take the FAA for approval before the city actually awards the bid.

"That generally gives me an idea of what the costs could be so that if everything goes through, we know where we are," Aehle said.

The airport improvements that include the construction of the new terminal and demolition of the current building are wrapped in a $15 million package that includes both federal funding through the FAA and sales tax funding through the special local option sales taxes.

The FAA is currently being funded through a continuing resolution that will keep its doors open until September unless Congress acts before then.

Tuesday's vote will allow Aehle to accept funding for the project from the FAA if the funds become available between commission meetings. Once the money becomes available, Aehle will bring the top bids to the commission meeting and the board can award the bid.


alleebrin 3 years, 1 month ago

The brilliant minds: Let's ask for it, who knows we might get it!


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