College and Career Academy seeks steering committee members

ALBANY -- Dougherty County's College and Career Academy took another tentative step toward becoming a reality Tuesday when a committee recommended the formation of a steering committee of business and education leaders to help write the new schools charter.

"We are looking for the best and brightest among business and education leaders in our community to help guide the process," School Board member Darrel Ealum said.

So far the progress has been slow, but Albany Area Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Catherine Glover feels the effort is worthy.

"We believe in the partnership between business and education," Glover said. "And we feel this partnership needs to happen."

Consultant Russ Moore, CEO of Seamless Education Associates Inc. of Newnan, told the committee that one of the major attractions of charter schools of this type is retention.

"Kids in these types of schools rarely drop out, because the children will be engaged" Moore said. "If it's done right, it will eventually reach down into the middle schools.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to the new charter school is concern over how much influence the Dougherty County School Board will exert over the College and Career Academy.

"The school will not be run by the school board. We will be in the background." board member Carol Tharin said. "The College and Career Academy will be run by its own independent board."