Discipline is missing from homelife, schools

Could rioting such as we witnessed in the U.K. happen in America? The answer, sorrowfully, is yes. In Milwaukee last week, hundreds of black youths leaving the state fair rioted through the surrounding neighborhood, indiscriminately beating residents, destroying property and generally displaying the behavior of feral animals. Nationwide, we are experiencing flash mobs, unruly mobs of youths entering convenience stores en mass, pilfering at will then dispersing. What is the root of such behavior?

I believe the answer is simple. At the bottom of our cultural ladder is segment of the population with no skills and little education, therefore no values or aspirations. The liberal policies of our government have led to a breakdown of families, promotion of single motherhood and a prevailing attitude that everyone should be provided a comfortable lifestyle weather they work for it or not. Our government has sanctioned a culture of dependency.

Meaningful discipline has been effectively eradicated from the home and the school. Our teachers have been denied the right to arbitrate pupil behavior, thus losing control in the classroom and, ultimately, respect of students. In our own schools here in Albany, students routinely hurl tirades of obscenities at their teachers, engage in mass demonstrations of stamping of feet and hooting until physical intervention is required before control can be regained. Educators have no more recourse than to put a disciplinary check aside the student's name, which has become little less than a joke as the students have come to realize there will be no real meaningful repercussions. Unfortunately in most cases, the parents take up sides with the children. When children get away with showing no respect for authority in school, the transition to greater abuse of people and property is next, and that is what we are witnessing today.

Until our government takes steps to re-establish discipline in the classroom, until parents stop blaming society for their ills and demand discipline at home, until this sense of entitlement, of gain for no effort is addressed and eradicated, there will be no change. Without respect, education, and life skills, there is little hope this segment of our population will ever escape from the culture of dependency in which it lives.