Still waiting for the promised change

I want to thank a person in my life that is very unselfish and that has my love and respect. He is about to retire from his earthly job, but he will never stop working. He will continue to help others, soberly and spiritually, as long as he is able.

He tries to help me, but I'm waiting for President Obama to change me. I know the supreme person is trying to straighten out the economy, but he just has the world on his shoulders. I'm talking about God now, and everyone knows that God has his hands full.

I would like to drink a beer in all 57 states -- excuse me, I mean all 50 states. If President Obama wants me to take a vacation and accomplish this, he will make gas prices the same across this great country. Even here in Dougherty County gas prices aren't even. West Albany is 10 to 15 cents a gallon higher than East Albany.