Darton, Macon to sign I.T. pact

A deal will allow Darton students specializing in computer studies to more easily transfer to Macon State's programs.

ALBANY, Ga. — Officials with Darton College and Macon State College will sign a course articulation agreement today that assists and promotes transferability between two programs -- the A.A.S. in Business Computer Systems at Darton and the B.S. in Information Technology at Macon State.

"I.T. has some hot programs right now," Darton Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs Gary Barnette said. "It's really kind of cutting-edge stuff at the moment. The job market used to be pretty predictable, but not anymore. However, this degree looks like it will be pretty hot over the next couple of years."

Wendy Kennedy, dean of social science and interim dean of business, is excited about the latest agreement.

"This agreement gives our students who finish with an A.A.S. the opportunity to transfer directly to Macon State and take classes either online or fact-to-face," Kennedy said. "The agreement is designed to provide a seamless transition with automatic acceptance into Macon State."

Kennedy added a B.S. from Macon State "is a very marketable degree and we probably offer four or five degree options in Business Computer Systems that fit perfectly."

She said Macon State also offers a B.S. in Computer Gaming and is a transfer option for Darton A.A.S. graduates.

"It (the gaming degree) is an incredible degree from Macon State," Kennedy said.

Tom Price an assistant professor of business computer systems, said the articulation agreement is similar to one currently in place with Georgia Southwestern State University and will increase graduates' marketability.

"This agreement allows a clear path to a B.S. in the computer field," Price said. "We currently have around 45 students in the Business Systems program and we are constantly trying to increase enrollment and make the program more attractive at the same time.

"We think this agreement will be a tremendous asset."

Darton President Peter Sireno and MSC President Jeffery Allbritten are to sign the agreement at 10:30 a.m. today.