Concerned citizens angels at wreck

I was recently in an automobile accident on the 5th of August on the crossroads of Forrester and Lovers Lane. I am writing this letter in hopes that word can get out to let everyone know that stopped by to help that I am very thankful.

My 3-month-old and I were traveling down Forrester on the way to Publix when a man ran the stop sign and I didn't have time to hit the brakes and ended up T-boning him. Due to my side being jammed shut, I tried to get out the passenger side and get to my baby, but as I put my leg out, that is when I realized something was wrong with my foot and couldn't put any pressure on it. I started to panic.

A man coming down Lovers Lane from Highway 32 stopped and came to the van. I could tell he had just got off the phone with 911. I kept yelling to get my daughter. He tried to open her door, but it was acting as though it was jammed, too. I remember looking at him and him looking as though he had a scared look on his face when he wasn't able to open her door.

While he was working on the door, a woman came up and asked me if there was anyone she could call for me and handed me a tissue and told me to wipe my nose. I was bleeding and didn't realize it. She called my father for me and stayed calm through it all.

The next thing I remember was a man crawling behind the driver's seat to check on my baby and saying she was OK, for she was sticking her tongue out at him. Hearing that was like a ton of bricks was taken off of me. After the paramedics arrived and got me on the stretcher, I also remember seeing a young girl with a Winn-Dixie uniform on. Not sure what she may have done, but to know she was concerned enough to stop means the world to me.

My daughter came out of the wreck with just a bump on her head and was able to go home. I ended up with a broken right foot, cracked or broken rib, and spleen had to be removed. But I am very, very grateful to all who stopped by and tried to help us. God's angels were definitely watching over us and I thank you for whoever you are that cared enough to stop and try to help.