Gingrich best qualified candidate

In response to godly ire over unprecedented liberal, human folly by America's political leaders, the winds of fate, as of late, have continuously borne dire warnings throughout all America upon her impressive, air-streamed wings in the form of devastating hurricanes and tornadoes that leave wide swathes of destruction in their wakes, as well as heavy snow falls, which, when melted, turn into destructive floods.

The warnings are explicit. They leave nothing to vague implications and their messages are quite clear to those who fear God and faithfully serve him.

Recently, as America teeters on the edge of a dangerous precipice that threatens the demise of mankind's most perfect form of government -- democracy -- the hope of the vast majority of patriotic Americans met upon a stage in Iowa's university to bravely do battle with renewed determination and cross swords, which consisted of heated rhetoric, in an effort to choose a formidable Republican leader capable of taking the reins of government in his own competent hands in the near future, returning America to its original formidable state as the world's mightiest and wealthiest nation.

As a result of this confrontation, it was again most emphatically determined that Newt Gingrich, by far, is the most knowledgeable and best qualified to serve as the Republican candidate for the upcoming election for president of these United States of America. To select Newt for the Republican candidate is not only to select the next president who will also reside most effectively for two terms, but will additionally prove to be the most efficient and effective president this country has had in more than 100 years.