Quit blame game and find solutions

This letter is meant to be constructive, not political, although I do have a political question to ask. This is prompted by the recent announcement that hundreds of jobs are being cut from the Albany Marine Base and thousands are being cut nationwide. Although there will be much blame passed around, the fact is that these cuts were directed by the current administration, and to those who are affected by these cuts it doesn't make much difference who caused it.

I am very discouraged by our sitting president and his lack of approach to our problems. Billions, trillions of dollars have been spent in programs that have only benefited people working for the administration. The unemployment rate remains at more than 9 percent, if you're African-American, it's higher than the national average. Our credit rating has been lowered, we're broke, the government is still borrowing money and printing money that is being sent into foreign countries, and the administration continues to promise things that never happen. I don't care who you are, where you live, what race you are, which political party you belong to, nor what religion you practice, this administration is killing us, has killed some financially, and there is no relief in sight.

U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., of the Black Caucus, recently said "we want to give President Obama the benefit of doubt and every chance. But he has all but deserted the African-American community and the nation." Right now, President Obama is in Martha's Vineyard on a luxurious vacation. I don't really care how many vacations he takes. But not while common people are losing their homes, jobs, and can't even afford to buy supplies to get their children back into school. You would think that the First Lady would not be happy with that.

Now that I've sounded with my dissatisfaction, here is my question. Why doesn't the Democrat Party bring someone forward to run against this president? Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are still pushing these failed programs forward. The Republicans have people coming out of the woodwork to run against President Obama. Why doesn't the Democrat National Convention bring some new blood into the picture? There are congressmen, senators, governors, all Democrats, that have plenty of experience. So why doesn't one or more of them step forward? President Obama cannot possibly gain enough support to be re-elected while he continues to push people down this way. And I believe the Democratic Party deserves to have another candidate to present solutions other than the president. I, personally, don't want to hear anymore blame. I want to see solutions. The people must have meaningful work to support their families.