Jury in vehicular homicide: Roberson guilty

ALBANY, Ga. — After less than six hours of deliberation, a jury found Terry Roberson guilty of vehicular homicide and 11 other charges for running over 66-year-old Roosevelt Coley, said Heather Lanier, chief assistant district attorney.

“We hope this will help lead to safer roads in our community,” Lanier said. “After all, Mr. Coley was lawfully crossing the street when Roberson went through a red light and killed him.”

According to Lanier, The jury convicted 34-year-old Roberson in two of three counts of vehicular homicide. It did not find the admitted alcoholic guilty of drunken driving vehicular homicide or drunken driving.

Roberson was also found guilty of other felonies, such as hit and run, leaving the scene of an accident and tampering with evidence after the burgundy Buick he drove hit Coley.

A man who could not hear nor speak, Coley was crossing Oglethorpe Boulevard at Jefferson Street in a crosswalk with the light in his favor. Roberson gunned through the intersection and hit Coley. The impact drove Coley to the ground, where he was hit by a black SUV or a white Jeep, according to witnesses.

Neither vehicle stopped to render aid to Coley after the impact. Albany Police Department officers continue to look for the SUV and/or Jeep.

The burgundy Buick driven by Roberson was damaged in the crash. Evidence, physical and oral, was presented tying Roberson to the repair of the Buick, his drinking and his boasting about running over Coley to cellmates.

Superior Court Judge Willie Lockette reserved sentencing for another date. When he pronounces sentence he could give Roberson 15 years on vehicular homicide alone, Lanier said.

Roberson, whose jail history stretches back to 2002, is in the Dougherty County Jail.