Looking Back August 28, 2011

It is once again approaching time for season premieres of already-popular shows as well as many brand new hopefuls. But first, a look back at programs that once were favorites in American homes. How well do you know your classic TV trivia?


  1. Which classic TV series had the catch-phrase "Kookie, Kookie lend me your comb?"

  2. What was the first name of the person "The Fugitive" was accused of killing?

  3. In the 1940s, on what night of the week was "The Milton Berle Show"?

  4. Which "Gunsmoke" actor was a veteran of the Anzio campaign of World War II?

  5. Which series was based on the novel "Cyborg" by Martin Caidin?

  6. Who hosted "The Match Game" on its original run on NBC?

  7. Who played the theme music on "The Dating Game"?

  8. What was the name of the cook on "Bonanza"?

  9. Which 1968 cop show was the brain child of Aaron Spelling?

  10. Who played The Siren in the original / Batman TV series?

  11. In 1980s' "The Cosby Show" on which avenue did the Huxtables live?

  12. In "The A Team" how was Mr. T also known?

  13. Who played Joe Friday in "Dragnet" on radio and became its producer when it transferred to TV?

  14. What was Roseanne's address in the first series of the show?

  15. The headquarters of "The Man from U.N.C.L.E". was behind a wall in what type of building?

  16. In which show did Yogi Bear first appear?

  17. Which knight has appeared on "Baywatch"?

  18. What was the first spin-off from "All In The Family" called?

  19. In the "Dick Van Dyke Show", in which suburb did the Petrie family live?

  20. Who introduced the very first "Gunsmoke" episode?

  21. What was reportedly President Reagan's favorite TV show in the late 1980s?

  22. The cast of "Cheers" appeared in character to celebrate whose 60th birthday, screened in November 1988?

  23. Who played the Fatman in "Jake and the Fatman"?

  24. Who first hosted "Password"?

  25. What was the name of the football team in "Coach"?

  26. What was the name of the physician in "The Incredible Hulk"?

  27. Who appeared in "My Favorite Martian" and "The Courtship of Eddie's Father"?

  28. Who was the sponsor of the series "FBI"?

  29. What was the first police series to have a mainly female audience?

  30. Who was the first TV voice of Barney Rubble and Cosmo C Spacely?

  31. On which network did "The Lone Ranger" debut?

  32. What held the record for the most watched program in TV history until the Who Shot JR? episode of "Dallas"?

  33. What was the first sitcom to have a divorced single parent as its main character?

  34. What was shown during the closing credits of "Home Improvement"?

  35. What were the aliases of Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry in the TV western?

  36. Which "Laugh In" catch-phrase did Richard Nixon say on the show?

  37. In which country was the 80s series of "Mission: Impossible" filmed because of a Hollywood writers' strike?

  38. What was Kojak's first name?

  39. ABC canceled "Get Smart" after what was blown up in an episode?

  40. What was the name of the boss in "Taxi"?

  41. In "Mork and Mindy", what was Mindy's last name?

  42. Which was the first network to broadcast all its programs in color?

  43. What was the first US sitcom exported to Britain?

  44. Who was the only cast member of "M*ASH" to have served in the Korean War?

  45. Which famous person appeared in an episode of "Major Dad" that marked the Marine Corp's 215th anniversary?

  46. How many episodes of "Happy Days" were made?

  47. What Indianapolis weatherman of the 1970s once forecast hail "the size of canned hams"?

  48. What sitcom helped John Larroquette earn three straight supporting actor Emmy Awards?

  49. Who's Murphy Brown's favorite soul singer?

  50. What two cartoon mice attempt every night to take over the world from their cages in Acme Labs?


  1. "77 Sunset Strip"

  2. Helen

  3. Tuesday

  4. James Arness

  5. "The Six-Million Dollar Man"

  6. Gene Rayburn

  7. Herb Albert & the Tijuana Brass

  8. Hop Sing

  9. "The Mod Squad"

  10. Joan Collins

  11. Stigwood

  12. B.A. Baracus

  13. Jack Webb

  14. 714 Delaware Street

  15. dry cleaners

  16. "The Huckleberry Hound Show"

  17. Sir Paul McCartney

  18. "Maude"

  19. New Rochelle

  20. John Wayne

  21. "Family Ties"

  22. Mickey Mouse

  23. William Conrad

  24. Allen Ludden

  25. Screaming Eagles

  26. Dr. David Banner

  27. Bill Bixby

  28. Ford

  29. "Cagney & Lacey"

  30. Mel Blanc

  31. NBC

  32. the final episode of "The Fugitive"

  33. "One Day at a Time"

  34. bloopers by the cast

  35. Smith and Jones

  36. "Sock it to me!"

  37. Australia

  38. Theo

  39. Statue of Liberty

  40. Louie De Palma

  41. McConnell

  42. NBC

  43. "Amos 'N' Andy"

  44. Jamie Farr (Klinger)

  45. Dan Quayle

  46. 255

  47. David Letterman

  48. "Night Court"

  49. Aretha Franklin

  50. "Pinky and the Brain"