Internet ed makes schools obsolete

When I first heard the DCSS was buying schoolchildren iPads to replace obsolete books, I was aghast! But then I sat down and thought it through. This is actually brilliant!

The DCSS can give each 6-year-old an iPad to get all their learning from the Internet. Each year, we can reduce the teacher population by the children's age groups. After 12 years, we should have no teachers, no administrators, no need for school buildings and buses. And no more free meals to fix and pay for.

The students can learn at home from the Internet under their parent's watchful eye. Each child can progress at their own pace with no peer pressure to perform at some arbitrary standard.

Wow! Just think of the tax dollars we can save! This must be a liberal Obamacrat idea. No! Wait! It's a tea party right-wing conspiracy to get rid of the teachers unions.

Another great thing about this plan is that the savings can be used to pay unemployment and food stamps for all the out-of-work educators. And we won't have to buy expensive new books every year and have fights about what's in a particular book!

The more I think about this, the better it gets!




waltspecht 4 years ago

I know how you must be laughing inside, me, I'm crying. For some of these fools really thing these iPads are an answer to schooling. Other than appealing to gamers, and doing the mental work for students, what do these objects accomplish. The majority of the students won't have the expectation of getting a job where they could reasonably expect to afford one of their own iPads. For the sake of sanity, teach the basics. Reading, Comprehension, Writing without a spell check and grammer correct, Math in your head or on paper, ability to read a ruler, make change, and know what one is and practice a Good Work Ethic. That's what the students need.


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