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Skull found in Albany sent to GBI lab

ALBANY -- The skull found in a black plastic bag near Front Street at South Jackson Street Monday was sent to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation in Macon on Tuesday.

"To get information on the race, sex and identification of the skull, it will be taken to the GBI crime lab," Albany Police Department spokeswoman Phyllis Banks said.

Banks said she had been in Albany for 10 years and had never heard of anyone finding a skull. There is a likelihood that the skull surfaced because the flood of 1994 flowed through nearby Oakview and Riverside cemeteries.

The unidentified man who found the skull kept it for a few days before notifying police Monday. He was in the area collecting recyclable materials such as aluminum cans when he found the skull.

Officers spread out through the area where the skull was found to search for more remains. The search found nothing related to human remains or the skull, Banks said.

Banks said she didn't know when the skull would go under the microscope at the crime lab or how long its examination would take.

Whenever suspected human remains are found they should be left undisturbed, Banks said. The police should be called to investigate.