Workshop focuses on crisis care giving

ALBANY — Finding positive ways to help those facing a crisis is the focus of a Sept. 13 workshop in Albany.

A series of three workshops hosted by Georgia State University’s Center for Leadership in Disability will feature David Pitonyak, Ph.D. His Albany workshop, “Upside Down & Inside Out” will address support for a person in crisis and support for people who care about someone experiencing a crisis. That workshop will be 9 a.m.-4 p.m. at the Albany Civil Rights Institute, 326 Whitney Ave.

He has two other workshops in the area: Sept. 12 at Valdosta State University and Sept. 14 at Columbus State University. Information on those seminars can be found at www.cld-gsu.org.

Pitonyak is interested in positive approaches in dealing with difficult behaviors. According to information provided by GSU, he believes that difficult behaviors result from unmet needs.

On his website www.dimagine.com, Pitonyak lists five things that people with difficult behaviors are often missing:

— Meaningful relationships;

— A sense of safety and well-being;

— Power;

— Things to look forward to;

— A sense of value and self-worth.

This workshop will focus on specific physiological changes the overcome a person in distress and provide solutions that make sense to the person and the caregiver. Registration is $40 and includes lunch. Doors open at 8:15 a.m.

Contact La Toshia Stephens (404) 413-1387 or Lstephens19@gsu.edu.

For more information on Pitonyak, visit www.dimagine.com.