Albany woman sentenced in slaying

— A Dougherty Superior Court judge has sentenced Ladiedra Judge to 25 years in prison with at least 10 to serve in the stabbing death of her live-in boyfriend, Contavious Holman.

Judge Denise Marshall sentenced Judge to 25 years in prison for voluntary manslaughter, one of three crimes she was found guilty of in July. She was also found guilty of felony murder.

Under Georgia law, a defendant found guilty of those two charges may only be sentenced for one of them. The sentence requires that Judge serve at least 10 years of the years in confinement.

Prosecutors had said the maximum sentence Judge faced on the convictions was life plus five years.

Judge stabbed Holman during a Jan. 16 argument about the status of their relationship. Judge testified at her trial that she and Holman were in a "friendly food fight" at their 500 Pinson Road home when Holman came up behind her, she turned while holding the knife and fatally stabbed him in the neck.

"The jury was right and just in finding her guilty," Assistant D.A. Matt Breedon, who handled the case, said after the July verdict. "But she is not a hardened criminal. she just let the argument get out of hand, and now two families are devastated and their child is without parents. It is a tragedy."


Momof3 4 years, 2 months ago

How is it that some cases go to trial so fast and other takes YEARS..... just curious?


Engineer 4 years, 2 months ago

Having the right lawyer or the right amount of money seems to help slow things down.


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