Glover resigns as Albany Area Chamber CEO

Bobby McKinney will serve as interim President and CEO, officials say.

Catherine Glover

Catherine Glover

— Albany Area Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Catherine Glover has notified the Chamber board she is resigning to take a position as an executive vice-president at Equinox Chemicals.

Glover will end her three-year tenure as the chamber's chief executive January 4, she said Thursday.

"After 22 years in Chamber management, I have the opportunity to explore a new career without leaving the town I love, and working for a company that believes in Albany as much as I do," she said. "I started in a Chamber career and have had the pleasure of serving more than 3,000 companies with honor. It's a charge I haven't taken lightly."

Bobby McKinney, former chair of both the Albany-Area Chamber of Commerce and the Albany-Dougherty Economic Development Commission will serve as interim president and CEO until a full-time replacement is found, Chamber Board Chair Judy Randle said Thursday.

"The Chamber is a multi-faceted organization. There's no way I can fill her shoes, but we have a great and competent staff who will continue to move this organization forward until a permanent replacement can step in and take over," McKinney said.

Mark Grimaldi, president of Equinox Chemicals, said he believes Glover will be an asset to his growing and dynamic operation.

"As Equinox continues to grow to meet the global customer demand we are excited to have Catherine join our team. Her leadership, overall experience, and global business network will be a huge asset to our organization," he said.

Randle said that the chamber board will establish a search committee immediately to begin advertising and searching for a replacement.


Momof3 3 years, 12 months ago

And there you have it......



sober_mom 3 years, 12 months ago

Are you really surprised by this? I just hope Lisa Riddle gets her job back. Shame, shame, shame.

Good thing I don't have to see the fake smiles at Chamber Events anymore. (the few she was at)


Albanite 3 years, 12 months ago

Praise Jesus! This is great news for the Albany Chamber. The job was always way WAY over her ability.


firefly 3 years, 12 months ago

Lisa should put her resume in. :)


whattheheck 3 years, 12 months ago

Now we can get a replacement at a lower cost who may be willing to discuss salary without firing staff. But, honestly, I wouldn't have the job she left because Albany is a hard thing to sell which may explain why one would have fake smiles. Since Cordele just landed a lot of jobs, let's look for a replacement there.


icnow 3 years, 12 months ago

Well Lisa,looks like the guilty party is finally getting the boot.Karma!!!! WOW! Knew it would catch up with her!Good luck Albany with finding a replacement!


Gabrielblows 3 years, 11 months ago

Ms. Glover- Please don't let the door hit you in the fanny on your way out!


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