Cain to announce decision in Atlanta Saturday

— Herman Cain said Friday he will announce his presidential campaign’s next steps in Atlanta this weekend amid uncertainty over whether he will stay in the race following allegations of an extramarital affair.

The McDonough businessman said he would make the announcement at the grand opening of his Georgia campaign headquarters Saturday morning.

“I am reassessing because of all of this media firestorm stuff,” he said during a campaign stop in Rock Hill, S.C. “Why? Because my wife and my family come first.”

Cain also indicated his campaign is looking at its flow of financial contributions following the allegations of the affair.

“I don’t doubt the support that I have. Just look at the people who are here,” he said of the supporters who had gathered to see him in South Carolina. “We have to look at what happens to contributions. We have to reevaluate the whole strategy.”

“Tomorrow in Atlanta I will be making an announcement, but nobody is going to get me to make that prematurely. That is all that there is to that. Tomorrow we will be opening our headquarters in… Georgia where we will also clarify… exactly what the next steps are.”