One wounded as intruders leave home

ALBANY — Wounding one man, Cameron Jones fired his 40-caliber Glock 23 at intruders leaving his girlfriend’s home at 1805 W. Oglethorpe Blvd. before 8 p.m. Friday, said an Albany Police Department official.

“Jones fired multiple shots at the car and hit one of the suspects in the shoulder,” Phyllis Banks said. “The two other suspects ran away and we are looking for them. I have no description as yet.”

Banks said the injured man, Addonis Warren, 19, stumbled around the block to 309 S. Shadowlawn Drive where he was apprehended. He was transported to a hospital.

At the scene Banks said Shanique Brewer, 21, came home to find a white Ford Crown Victoria in her driveway with the motor running and intruders in her home.

Brewer called her boyfriend, Cameron Jones, who rushed over. As they were entering the front door, the intruders left through the back door. Jones opened fire. His Glock hit the car multiple times. One hit Warren in the shoulder.

Multiple patrol cars responded to the shooting call. At 8:30 p.m. there was no word which direction the remaining suspects fled.

The case remains under investigation. No word on Warren’s condition was immediately available.

Anyone with additional information should call Crime Stoppers at (229) 436-TIPS (8477) or investigations at (229) 431-3288. The Spanish speaking APD-COP Tip Line is (229) 434-2677.

Crime stoppers is an anonymous tipline. People with information could become eligible for cash rewards.


whodat 2 years, 4 months ago

Inquiring minds want to know: 1) Why did Brewer call her boyfriend first? Did she ever call the police? 2) How long did it take for Jones to get to her place? Did he ever call the police? 3) Who actually called the police? 3) What's the timeline here? Jones and Brewer went through the front door while the intruders went out the back. Was the driveway in the front of the house or the back of the house? 4) Did his Glock hit the car or the bullets fired from it? 5) Were either of them ever in any danger of physical harm? Is Jones going to be charged for using his weapon?

Now for the moral of the story: Ladies, get your own gun and learn how to use it well. Your boyfriend may not always be able to come to your rescue and even if he does, well....how good a shot is he?


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