Albany voters to make final call

Voters throughout the city of Albany are being asked to select a mayor today for the next four years. Meanwhile, voters in Ward VI are being asked to decide who will represent their district at the Albany City Commission table.

The runoff elections were called when none of the candidates for these two offices attracted the simple majority of the votes cast in the Nov. 8 municipal election that would have allowed them to win without a runoff vote.

In the mayor’s race, all voters in the city are being asked to decide between former City Commissioner Dorothy Hubbard and businesswoman B.J. Fletcher, who were the top two finishers in the three-candidate field last month. Regardless of who wins, she will become Albany’s first female mayor.

In Ward VI, Commissioner Tommie Postell, who says he’s in his final campaign for City Commission, is being challenged by former Dougherty County commissioner Victor Edwards.

The right to vote is one that many of the world’s citizens don’t have. It’s a shame when that right is taken for granted.

These candidates have worked hard over the past few months to get their messages out. These are important races that will impact the future of Albany. We hope that those who are eligible to vote today will take time out of their busy schedules and cast a ballot for the candidate of their choice.