Only jobs will save American economy

To straighten this economy out, it’s going to take jobs. Not in the public sector, which takes tax money to support, but in the private sector that produces a profit.

In many European countries, vacation time is mandated as six weeks a year and it must be taken. The guise is that it is for the welfare of the workers. The fact is that it creates more jobs for people to cover those on vacation. New Jersey and Washington both require gas station attendants. The guise is safety. The fact is it supplies jobs for the under-educated.

Those are government programs that work. They both produce jobs, jobs that produce an income and taxes. This country has got to get back to the point where there is a job for everyone that is capable of working, and not a job on the public dole. Jobs producing goods and services. The things we buy need to say “Made Right Here.”

That’s how we get out of this hole. Not paying some political hack to give money to their friends depending upon the kickback they supply to the party, or the individual. Yes it is protectionist, but it is protecting our interests instead of giving our future away to other countries because they don’t follow the same rules our people have to and produce a cheaper product without environmental concern.

Tell the politicians — America first.