Gingrich has right stuff for America

From day one, when they gathered in Iowa to begin running for the right of becoming the Republican nominee in the upcoming election for the office of the presidency, it should have been obvious to most everyone that the most qualified of all the candidates was without a doubt Newt Gingrich since his remarkable attributes were either available (well known), or quite obvious — continuously on display.

The man’s instinctive quick wit and the studious manner in which he pragmatically delivers thoughtful answers to a great variety of questions asked by individuals, appointed officials during debates, and/or the news media distinctly reveal that he is well qualified for the office he so earnestly seeks. Then, too, as the former speaker of the House, he not only is well aware of the duties and responsibilities of every branch of federal government, but he is also knowledgeable of their shortcomings and what is needed to get them to fulfill their obligations and yes, even to excel.

Additionally, having thoroughly studied the Constitution and related government documents, he knows the right way and the wrong way to govern America’s peoples. And, being he is of the old school, those who believe that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln were America’s martyrs ever leading the nation onward and upward unto ever bigger and greater things, so is Newt Gingrich dedicated to doing his level best to turn the nation around from the permanent sinkhole in which Obama ever so determinedly takes the American peoples, and from which they’ll never recover.

Finally, Newt Gingrich is a God-fearing man who believes that a man should be good as his word. The truth is in the man and he lives it every day of his life, for God is his mentor. Consequently if elected president, many things left undone — such as the nation’s borders, drilling for oil offshore and in the Dakotas, improving the economy, decreasing crime statistics, improving unemployment percentages to its former rate of 4 percent and even lower, bringing the imbalance of trade statistics under control to a continuous positive value rather than a negative one, improving the military and raising it up to its former unapproachable might, lowering the national debt and by law providing for a continuous deduction in succeeding administrations until the national debt is completely eliminated — will most assuredly be done, for the Republican Party will dominate the federal government for 16 consecutive years since Gingrich’s vice president will be an ardent and devoted understudy.

When it comes time to vote, it behooves all Americans to thoughtfully consider what they want for themselves, their children and generations thereafter. To continue down the same path that Obama, Pelosi and Reid determinedly desire to take the nation is to sell yourselves and your offspring into socialistic slavery. To vote for Gingrich is to enrich the nation and ultimately you, your children and those that will follow ever so thankfully behind.

Valkey Midkiff Tiernan of Albany is a veteran of the Korean and Vietnam wars, served in the Air Force 20 years and retired from Marine Corps Logistics Base-Albany in 1997.