Occupy Wall Street a wasted effort

Occupy Wall Street is a pathetic and profound example to the waste of an extremely rare and profound opportunity. What started out as a noble effort to demonstrate against corporate and special interest influence pedaling in Washington, and the overreaching powers of the Fed was turned into a spurious demonstration of greed, entitlement and a total lack of responsibility with all participants labeled unruly rabble rousers. This demonstration had been infiltrated and co-opted by insidious and nefarious influences, and its participants turned into unwitting stooges for their cause. The focus of their rage was turned away from the real cause of Americas woes — Washington politics and politicians, not successful business and businessmen. In retrospect, a result of modern day progressive left wing socialist government policies was illuminated — a generation who believe that they are entitled to everything in life for free.

America should take care of the truly needy and if you are, God bless you. For too long, politicians have pandered to those who prefer not to work for a living, but to suck the life out of this country and those who do. The bellicose cries of we come from a poor background, and it’s not our fault are all too familiar, flaunted by cultural demigods and politicians alike to keep those who rely on government welfare reliant. For the first time in America’s history, more than half of Americans are supported by the less than half. This is not sustainable and if continued America will collapse.

If you are a student with no interest in school, disrupting classes, you are part of the problem. If you are an absentee father, drawing welfare and hustling on the streets, you are part of the problem. A single mother who chooses single motherhood as a career, anyone who chooses welfare when able to work, an illegal alien taking advantage of leftwing social giveaways, then you are part of the problem. Make your own way in this free country as our forefathers intended instead of sucking the life out of it and those who choose independence.

As a result of the Occupy movement, anyone who decides to demonstrate for just cause against the failed fiscal responsibilities of Washington politicians who for decades have plundered taxpayer dollars for influence and profit will now be marginalized and labeled occupiers. Perhaps it’s too late to save this country. I, for one, will never give up. I hope those who read this will stand with me and do the right thing. Do not depend on the government to save this country. Take a stand, make your own way, be productive. Do not drain, but add to America’s wealth.