311 a good call to get problems fixed

I have enjoyed the convenience of using the 311 phone number to report a problem such as a street light on in the daylight hours, or weeds and trash or other unsightly condition at an unoccupied business or home. Code Enforcement can quickly eliminate most problems if they are notified by using 311.

I find that using the 311 number to learn which department is responsible for correcting problems such as pot holes in the road, or water leaking up through the paving is much quicker than attempting to contact the proper department myself.

I realize the utility department can’t correct problems such as street lights on in the daylight hours unless someone reports the problem. The quickest way to report problems is through the 311 operators.

Even reporting inoperative traffic lights is quicker using 311 than any other method. The 311 department is one of the more pleasant ways to have corrected some problem that can be corrected if the proper city department is notified.

Everyone should get in the habit of using their cell phone to call 311 to report a local situation that needs correcting. It is easy, quick, and effective.




KaosinAlbany 3 years, 11 months ago

Yes, it is very effective, but I have called a couple of times about some problems and the city hasn't fulfilled the request as of yet (e.g. trimming tree limbs in an alley near telephone lines). The request is at least 7 months old now. I didn't expect for WG&L to take care of it immediately, but in a timely fashion.


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