Albany clubs win three state awards

ALBANY, Ga. — The Boys and Girls Clubs of Albany has won three state awards from the Boys & Girls Clubs of America Georgia Area Council.

The East Albany Unit’s Teen Leadership program won the Character and Leadership Award for its yOung Teen Moguls Inc. program. Teens were chosen as mock CEOs for fictitious companies because of their leadership skills. They were taksed with directing club members through club-related activities and special events.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Albany has awarded the State Porogram of the Year for its Bringing Up Grades program. Two years aog, Boys & girls Clubs of Albany and Dougherty County Kiwanis joined to encourage low achieving students. Students were challenged to maintain their grades while raising one subject by one letter grade each ghrading period.

Also, Boys & Girls Clubs of Albany Executive Director Ed Deming received the Professional of the Year award for Georgia.