Governments considering tech overhaul

ALBANY -- Albany and Dougherty County governments are considering a move that will make it easier for those who attend local meetings to follow the agenda.

Following a request from Ward V Commissioner Bob Langstaff, City Information Technology Director John Antoniewicz has provided both City Manager James Taylor and County Administrator Richard Crowdis with a proposal to put two 60-inch monitors in room 100 of the downtown Government Center.

The proposal, which would come with an anticipated cost of between $7,500 and $8,000, would put one screen on the wall behind where city and county commissioners sit that would display the agenda or any presentation being shown to commissioners, while the other would be mounted in front of the commissioners for them to view.

Langstaff had expressed concern at a meeting over the summer that the audience couldn't see the various presentations being shown to the commissioners.

If approved by the leadership of both the city and the county, the monitors would be paid for using technology sales tax funds dedicated by the voters who passed Special-Purpose Local-Option Sales Tax V.

The challenge, according to the memo written by Antoniewicz, is to "upgrade the video presentation capability in room 100 in the Government Center for both the commissioners and the audience with added flexibility, ease of use and reduced level of required maintenance with a life cycle of up to 10 years without having to redesign the room and within a reasonable cost."