Health scare emails ignore the truth

PARROTT — Having just received another of those blatantly outlandish emails intended to spread lies, misinformation and instill fear, I feel obliged to share our personal experience regarding the country’s health care bill or, as some folks prefer, “Obamacare.”

I feel somewhat qualified, as in our many years we have experienced — and seen by our children experience — the failings and injustices of the past so prevalent in our country’s health care system.

There is not a particle of truth in the emails that continue to be circulated by folks persistently using the phrase “throwing seniors under the bus.”

I, personally, prefer seeking information from reliable printed sources and personal experience than from some loser still angry that their choice lost the last election.

This particular email shouts out, “MEDICARE MONTHLY INCREASE” and goes on to claim premiums will continue to increase to where, by 2014, they will amount to $247 a month!

Allow me to refer you to an article in the December 2011 edition of the A.A.R.P. Bulletin, page 4, where this threat is debunked, proclaiming, “Medicare Premiums Lower Than Expected.” The ensuing article clarifies and explains any and all Medicare premium issues.

We are already benefiting greatly from the passage of the health care bill, but opponents are reluctant to admit that it is, and will be, beneficial for all citizens. Last year, our monthly prescription co-pays amounted to just under $40 per month. In the coming year, not only will our prescriptions be delivered directly to our home, saving trips to town, but the co-pay for both of us will be less than $28 per quarter (that’s three months, folks).

The passage of “Obamacare” may stick in the craw of some people, but given half a chance, it is a long-awaited and welcome break for all citizens, not just seniors.

Allow me to include in my signoff the real reason for the email and my subsequent rebuttal.

“Remember this in November 2012, and vote accordingly.”


cthisr1 3 years, 11 months ago

I work in the Medical field with the elderly. I can tell you while it appears your medication is lower, so is the amount Medicare is paying healthcare providers to take care of you. You ,fall break your hip and end up in a Rehab Center, and you will see. Medicare cut 25% per patient from what they used to pay as of October 1st. You say no big deal right? Wrong that means that two CNA's and one Nurse no longer has a job. So one CNA now has 9 patients to care for. Which means you need to have a bowel movement and your CNA is in another room with a patient. She is in with another patient for 45 mins. What happens to you? Let's just say you have been reduced to having a bowel movement in bed and have to wait until she steps out into hall and sees your light on. There is no other staff to help you because the Rehab Center had to cut staff to keep operating. You have a knee replacement and need therapy so you can get going again. You have a Stroke and Medicare can reduce your rehab stay to 15 days. which means very little rehab. In return you can not take care of toileting our bathing yourself. Let me know how not being able to wipe your butt after a loose bowel movement works for you and your family. You can not move your right arm to dress yourself, balance is off and your right leg does not work. How long before you are dropped off at nearest Nursing Home? Guess what Medicare Cut their pay out as well. Good luck with your OBAMA CARE NOW>


gotanyfacts 3 years, 11 months ago

Unfortunately, depending on AARP for unbiased evaluation on Obamacare is like letting the fox keep you informed on the well being of the hens.


msa651 3 years, 11 months ago

I have to disagree with your assessment. My wife a retired nurse would also disagree with you. With the current reimbursement rates, you are one of the lucky seniors it sounds like who found a doctor who would accept you, a great many seniors out there have no primary physician. They can't find one. With Obamacare, over 100k seniors in Ga are about to lose their advantage plans, Obamacare doesn't like them, they cost to much upfront, even thought, in the long run they are cheaper and provide better care results.

Based upon what you wrote, I would expect you to be one of those who believe health care should be a right and not a privilege. If true, then whether or not you know it, you also believe in indentured service and slavery. After all, if health care is a right, that means you have a right to the service of a doctor, and that doctor no longer has the right to not provide a service. He has no right to to his lively hood, and it follows that the nurse in his office and the admin people who work for him have no rights either.


Spike 3 years, 11 months ago

Wonder how much the tax bill will be. General accounting proves that if there's a reduction on one side of the balance sheet then there needs to be an equal and offsetting increase on the other.


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