Gifts pouring in for Obama

Mac Gordon

Mac Gordon

We are in the midst of two seasons that are supposed to bring hope to the world. I have no doubt that one of them — the Christmas season — offers exactly that as we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. There is no greater season and no greater hope.

I’m not so sure there is any real hope associated with the other season in which we are busying ourselves — the American political season. This would be the Republican Party’s presidential nomination contest, of course. We don’t need a Democrat Party nomination process. It’s President Obama’s office to lose. At this stage, I don’t see it happening.

This Republican festival has been little more than pure circus to this point. It has been so downright hilarious at times that we couldn’t help but smile. Not like the smile that Christmas puts on our collective faces; hearty laughter is closer to the truth when it comes to the GOP field of presidential wannabes.

You mustn’t be a Democrat to realize that if this field of candidates is all the Republicans have, Obama could possibly win the 2012 election in a landslide.

As the weeks and debates have moved us closer to the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries, the GOP lineup has begun to thin. Pizza mogul Herman Cain and his 9-9-9 tax plan are back home here in Georgia, hopefully for good. They delivered to us several barrelsful of good, healthy laughter.

Can it be very long before Texas Gov. Rick Perry takes his flat-tax plan back to his home on the plains? One more comment comparing himself to a pro football quarterback should do it. Mr. Perry, you are no Tim Tebow.

I can’t see former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum continuing much longer in this contest, unless, as he has predicted, the hard campaigning he has done all over Iowa brings him a stunning upset.

Former Utah governor and Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman has made much sense in several debates — mainly his vow not to sign any no-new-taxes pledges — but his stock just has never risen far enough to make us believe he is a viable candidate.

The more I hear Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachman rail away at Newt Gingrich’s moral fiber, the more I like her. But she still seems a longshot, as does Texas Congressman Ron Paul, who was doing well early but may now be fading.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney can’t seem to convince rank-and-file GOPers that he is conservative enough to deserve the nomination.

Gingrich recently soared to the top of the field, although he took such a pounding in the Dec. 15 debate, particularly from Bachman, that some experts are forecasting some slippage for him. His past record on several fronts, including several marriages and his claims he was a historian — not a lobbyist — after leaving Congress, will likely continue to haunt his candidacy.

Then, too, there was his eager acceptance to participate in that silly debate planned by New York developer Donald Trump.

The way I see it, in the spirit of Christmas, the gifts keep coming to President Obama.

Mac Gordon is a retired reporter who lives near Blakely and contributes opinion columns to The Albany Herald.


Russ 3 years, 11 months ago

Keep smilin'. Any of these candidates will beat Obama (with the exception Ron Paul) next November. The American people see right through condescension like yours.

Say it with me: "President Gingrich". Or, "President Bachmann". "President Romney" might do in a pinch. Get some practice in...11 months to go.


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