Government shows ‘signs’ of wasting funds

Page Two has just seen the picture of the $600,000 signs going up. I wish someone could please explain to me the necessity of wasting that money. It would have gone a long way toward tearing down the Heritage House or many other dilapidated crack houses.

Unless I’m mistaken, the county is going to ask me to vote for a 1 percent tax for SPLOST. I would love to SPLOST someone’s head against the wall and knock some sense into them. Are these signs for people who can’t read the little ones? I urge everyone to vote no on the 1 percent tax until financial responsibility is shown, which from the history of Dougherty County will be never.

It is OK to turn down money that the DOT or any other government agency wants to give you if there are strings tied. It is not necessary or mandatory that you accept the money. And what happens when the gangs start to add a little “dressing” to them? Who will pay to have them repainted and at what cost?

The next thing will be for Dougherty County to try to buy the golf course from Lee County and not because it’s making money — because it isn’t — but just because they don’t own one and Lee County would probably love to see a sucker coming down the road to unload it on. Folks, we have problems in the area, and throwing $600,000 at a bunch of concrete blocks with paint on them is a big one. More later from Page Two.