County appoints members to boards

Some seats remain vacant and will be readvertised, officials say.

— The Dougherty County Commission spent the majority of its time Monday appointing and re-appointing people to a series of civilian and volunteer boards, many of which the general public likely has no idea even exist.

The board went board by board, group by group, filling any vacancies that existed and reappointing those who wished to be reappointed.

In total, the board approved appointments to 17 boards Monday and that's not even all of the one the board has under its authority.

Many of the boards meet only on an as-needed basis, according to documents provided by the county.

In order as they appear on Monday's agenda, county commissioners appointed:

— Incumbents Thomas Driggers, Glenn Walker and Clifford Tolbert were reappointed to the Joint Air Conditioning, Heating and Ventilation Board.

— Incumbent Carlton E. Richard, who presently sits on the Albany-Area Community Service Board did not desire reappointment and there were no other applicants so the position will be unfilled until an applicant is found.

— Incumbent Gloria Gaines to serve another three-year-term on the Citizens Transportation Committee.

— Wilbur B. Carver Jr., to fill the unexpired term of Willa Williams which ends June 30, 2014, to serve on the Department of Family & Children Services Board.

— Incumbents Robert McKinney and Shirley Armstrong were reappointed and applicant Sybil Thomas to serve on the Dougherty County Development Authority.

— Incumbents Frank Bruner, Ronald Randle, Wayne Raper and Edward West to new terms on the Joint Electrical Board.

— Incumbant William Walker to a new term on the Joint Gas Board; a seat remains vacant for lack of applicants.

— Incumbant Dr. Bernard Scoggins to a new term on the Dougherty County Public Health Board.

— Sgt. Maj. Conrad Potts to a term on the Keep Albany Dougherty Beautiful Board.

— Incumbents Guy Craft, Walter Kelly and Margaret J. Hogg to new terms on the Library Board of Trustees for three-year-terms.

— Incumbents Milton Grant and J. Gordon Pannell to new terms on the Joint Plumbing Board with one vacancy still outstanding.

— Incumbent Thelma Johnson to a new one-year term on the Southwest Georgia Housing Task Force.

— Pinky Modeste to a one-year-term to the Southwest Georgia Community Action Council.

— Incumbents Raymond Breaux, Gloria Gaines and Stephen Kaplan to one-year-terms on the Southwest Georgia Regional Commission.

— Incumbent Alistari McKendrick to a new four-year-term on the Dougherty County Stadium Authority.

— Harry James to a three-year-term on the Flood Plain Management Review Board.

— Incumbents J. Dell Bush, Don Butts and Williams Ashberry to new terms on the Dougherty County Tax Assessors Board.


KaosinAlbany 3 years, 11 months ago

I noticed County Commissioner Gloria Gaines is appointed to two boards. Is this really in the citizens best interest?


Albanite 3 years, 11 months ago

Along with the question... why name such a poor choice to ANY board?


whattheheck 3 years, 11 months ago

If she is a Commissioner, should she be on any board?


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