Shots fired in incident

ALBANY, Ga. — What started out as a good time resulted in the arrest of two individuals over the weekend.

An officer from the Albany Police Department responded to the 1200 block of Clark Avenue at 4 a.m. Saturday in reference to shots fired in the area.

Club security personnel at a nearby establishment advised the shot sounded as if it had come from right behind the club in the alley, so the officer on the scene went east in the alley and turned north onto Central Avenue.

The narrative from the police report states that, as the officer turned west onto East Roosevelt Avenue, a gunshot was heard that sounded like it was coming from the west. As the officer continued in that direction, an unknown male quickly entered a house on the corner.

The officer was able to see curtains and hear movement in the rear bedroom of the home. After backup arrived, contact was made with one of the house’s occupants, Latryce Washington, who said she did not hear any gunshots.

Washington gave permission for the officers to search the home. In the room in which movement had been detected, Jerry Johnson — an acquaintance of Latryce Washington’s husband — was found balled up on the floor of the closet with a jacket partially covering his body.

As Johnson, 24, was sent outside, Thomas Washington — Latryce Washington’s husband — was found concealed behind a door to another closet. Above his head, a sawed off stock and receiver of a shotgun was found on a shelf.

The wife told the officers she did not know he was in the room. The shotgun, found to be a Mossberg model 85-A with no serial numbers, was collected.

The barrel had been sawed off to the stock, and the stock was cut off down to the pistol grip and wrapped with black electric tape.

After a more thorough search, the only items found were several spent 20-gauge shotgun shells in a drawer in the room where Johnson and Washington were found. When Thomas Washington was questioned, he re-emphasized to authorities that he was just out having fun and didn’t have a problem with anybody.

Both parties were found to have active warrants. Johnson was taken in reference to a warrant from 2007, while Thomas Washington was booked for reckless conduct, possession of a dangerous weapon and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Washington, 29, was found to have several felony convictions, including one from a burglary he was found guilty of in 2009.


KaosinAlbany 3 years, 8 months ago

Good job APD!! More than likely Mr. Washington stole the shot gun. Kudos to the police officers involved. Keep up the good work!!


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