Frich to run for Lee Commission

Greg Frich

Greg Frich

LEESBURG, Ga. — Saying he felt “called” to offer his services to the community he now calls home, retired Marine Greg Frich announced Tuesday he will challenge current District 5 Lee County Commissioner Bill Williams in the July 31 election.

“With the full support of my wife and family, and after consulting with my parents, leaders and members of our local church, and many other citizens of Lee County, I am formally declaring my intention to run for Lee County Commissioner (District 5, Redbone) in the 2012 election,” Frich said in a statement. “With more than six months before the election, I want to declare early as an example of the level of transparency, accountability and communication you can expect from me.”

Frich, a program manager for defense contractor Raytheon Technical Services, served 29 years in the Marine Corps before settling with his family in Lee County. His stint in the Corps included active duty during Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

“My wife stood by me while I was serving during wartime, and after I came home we figured that half the time we’d been married I’d been deployed (for military service),” Frich said. “And I’m pretty sure she married me to be with me.

“But a lot of our friends at church told her ‘Greg’s been called to serve this community’, and she told me she’s 100 percent behind me running for office. Serving as a county commissioner is an honorable pursuit and should be undertaken by those who have a calling to humbly and faithfully serve their community. I applaud our current group of commissioners for their desire to serve their community.”

Frich stopped short of distinguishing himself from Williams, who is in the fourth year of his first term in office.

“I won’t venture to make a distinction, but I will say that as commissioner for the Redbone District, I will be guided by my Christian, Constitutional and conservative ethos,” he said. “I feel the closer adherence one has to the principles of the founding fathers, the greater the benefit to the community.

“Over the next several months, I am looking forward to discussing the needs of the Redbone District. I believe public service in a representative government is a symbiotic relationship, and I look forward to sharing the ideas and concerns of the people of this district.”

Williams, who serves as chairman of the County Commission’s Finance Committee and has been instrumental in putting together the county’s budget, was unavailable for comment Tuesday.


LuLu 3 years, 11 months ago

Greg is a fine, upstanding man and if I lived in Leesburg he would definitely get my vote.


whattheheck 3 years, 11 months ago

Agree completely with LuLu on the fine, upstanding part. I wish he were running against McGridge or Johnson instead of Williams. Williams is the only one on the commission who understands budgets and financial management. It would not be in Lee's best interest in this regard. Duffey is one who needs someone to tutor him on dollars--and sense.


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