Cool heads must prevail in CRCT scandal

It is evident that all is not well in the Dougherty County School System, but it is also not the end of the world for our schools. The cheating problem is too widespread not to have an underlying cause that is affecting all of the schools equally.

I have heard that the cause of the cheating is the test itself. The wording of the questions may be such that most of the students just do not understand the question. It may be that the teachers also have a problem with the questions.

There also appears to be a problem with the relation between the school board, the superintendent and the teachers.

There are qualified teachers involved in the scandal. If these teachers are fired, then new teachers must be hired. If the cause of the cheating is not corrected or eliminated, then the newly hired teachers will have the same pressure on them that caused the cheating problem.

My suggestion is for the school board and the superintendent to work with the teachers to find out the problem as the teachers see it, ten do what is necessary to correct the problem.

Sure the guilty teachers should be punished but all should not be dismissed. The "good teachers" should be salvaged. More frequent monitoring of the students' progress by the school board would alert the administrators of problems while there is still time to make adjustments and minimize the problem.

This is a time when cool heads must take charge to prevent a total breakdown of our school system.



Spike 2 years, 8 months ago


"My suggestion is for the school board and the superintendent to work with the teachers to find out the problem as the teachers see it, ten do what is necessary to correct the problem."

The test isn't the problem. To suggest that the two most culpable (Board and Superintendent) do what they have already failed at miserably is absurd!

I agree that the road ahead should be deliberate and involve A BOARD and A SUPERINTENDENT just not the ones we have. That's the way it's supposed to work but we are talking about DCSS.


Jimboob 2 years, 8 months ago

It's a poor workman that blames his tools... Changing grades after the test was taken does not sound like confusion to me. It sounds like cheating. That dog won't hunt.


ObjectiveEyes 2 years, 8 months ago

I totally disagree that "cooler heads must prevail." It's way past time that folks around here get really po'd about what's going on do something about it...including making every effort to totally replace the school board. And, just in case you're not paying attention, the DOCO school system is already, "...a total breakdown..."


waltspecht 2 years, 8 months ago

Don't worry, the Superintendant has a fool proof plan to replace those leaving the system. He said it is place to accomodate the expected loss.


Sister_Ruby 2 years, 8 months ago

I have been really struggling with this issue since the report came out. The evidence, based on probabilities and statistics, is completely foolproof and completely devastating to anybody who claims that it happened by accident. However, after days of pondering, fuming, raging, blaming, and fighting off playing of the Race Card, I have come to what I think is the bottom line for me.

Right now is a watershed moment for the DCSS Board and the Superintendent. Their decision on how to address the CRCT situation, including the fate of the administrators and teachers with their various levels of culpability, WILL HAVE THE MOST SIGNIFICANT IMPACT ON ALBANY'S FUTURE THAN ANY OTHER CONTEMPORARY ISSUE. Will they face facts, step up to their responsibilities, act swiftly and justly, and establish a toe-hold upon which to move from here to respectability? Or will they seek an "out", a reason to do nothing, or worse yet....maintain the same position that their past behavior has demonstrated, which could be considered nothing less than the entitlement mindset of protecting their own, no matter the offense.

To repeat: DCSS, your response to this situation will determine the fate of Albany, GA for the next 100 years. WILL YOU ACCEPT THIS RESPONSIBILITY? WILL YOU DO THE RIGHT THING, BEFORE ALMIGHT GOD? I pray with all my might that you will. Thank you.


Abytaxpayer 2 years, 8 months ago

“Sure the guilty teachers should be punished but all should not be dismissed. The "good teachers" should be salvaged” Just how do you decide a lying cheating and stealing “Teacher” is a “GOOD Teacher” worth saving? What is the cutoff point? Is it they only lied about cheating for 5 students to steal their future or should we say 10? Just how do you decide what a “GOOD” lying cheating stealing Teacher is? The “49” have proved what their lives are worth by abusing the lives of the children in their classes for their own personal gain. So where does Sacrificing our children for these “GOOD Teachers” end? Let’s say a “GOOD Teacher” wants to do some yard work at home, do we give them a couple dozen children to use for forced labor so that “GOOD Teacher” does not have to do the hard work themselves? NO I Think NOT that would be child abuse, but people like Jones wants to turn a blind eye to accountability for the same “GOOD Teachers” abusing the same students by failing to teach the basic skills needed to survive in the “working world” For better test scores the children are being sold out condemning them into a life of enslavement of a poor education! Where is the balance here? Accept the sacrifice of the children’s future for a few adults that did not do their jobs or do we hold the lying, cheating, stealing incompetence people accountable? The sad part is there are many good people in DCSS that are blemished just because they work for DCSS never mind that they did a good job with the children in their classes without having to cheat. The “49” are only a few bad apples in the barrel but they are spoiling the lives of the children. These bad apples while failing to teach the basics are teaching “Cheating” is the way to get what you want and NOT “Hard Work”. Stop making excuses it is time to clean house so the rebuilding of DCSS can begin. Food for thought! What is the deference between the “49” stealing the children’s future life and a pedophile?


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