Health, peace, harmony would be welcomed gifts

Page Two is taking the time to remember the time of year. Although we have a president — and I use the word loosely — who claims we are not a Christian nation, I, for one, am willing to stand up and be counted as a believer in Jesus Christ. Therefore, no one can claim that all of my articles are negative.

We celebrate the birth of our Savoir on the 25th of December, even though we don’t really know which day he was born on. Some scholars put the time a little more like March or so. The point is moot because the important part is that he came and that he will return! I feel sad in that very few people know what Christmas is all about. Sure, they may say it’s about Jesus being born, but you have the feeling that if all the glamour and advertising was not in front them, they really wouldn’t have a clue. It’s all about what I want for Christmas. It’s all about material things.

I, for one, would be very happy with good health. If that’s all I got, my prayers will have been answered. If I need an electric drill, I will go buy one. I don’t need someone to give it to me because Jesus was born. I would also pray for peace and harmony in the “Good Life City,” which I don’t see. Heck, if I could just get peace or harmony I would be happy.

Merry Christmas, everyone! More later from Page Two.