Schools need protection for whistleblowers

Aside from the accused in the CRCT Probe, there are those that knew something wasn’t right or should have known something wasn’t right. They chose to take no action for their own reasons.

This failure is a distinct form of culpability. It shows just how bad the system is. There cannot be a forum for open discussion if there is an atmosphere of fear, retribution and cover-up. Do any of you really believe this is the only ethical problem with this and many other school systems? Many times tests are taught prior to giving them, this seems to be a universally accepted practice. Then there are the student athletes that are whispered about, but never drug into the open.

There has got to be some type of whistleblower legislation protecting those that call attention to these discrepancies. That is the only way to clean this up and return integrity to the system. To do this, first you have to remove the imbedded cancer, for they will fight to protect themselves and their ways of doing things.

This takes strong leadership by the School Board and the superintendent. This does not exist in many of the local school boards in many counties in this area. So qualified individuals must be sought out, encouraged to run and supported through an educated electorate.

Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening soon enough to help the students. As to those that praise the level of education these schools produce, I will challenge you to produce the statistics of those attending college from this area. Those statistics would involve those successfully challenging and avoiding repetitive college classes versus those taking remedial classes.




PatrickY2K 2 years, 3 months ago

I challenge you to use statistics in your next "'article", rather than continuing to make irresponsible accusations.

Is the Herald including your writings in the print edition, trying to pass it off as journalism? It could be a Letter to the Editor, or shortened for the Squawk Box, but hardly belongs with the articles written by journalists.


waltspecht 2 years, 3 months ago

What is irresponsible, or an accusation? I unfortunately do not have access to the statistics that you seem to want, for I doubt anyone would want them seen. I do know from working for the local Technical College how many had to take remedial classes to attend. I also helped administer the tests to students in several High Schools in the area, I know what those results showed. I also worked with students in two local High Schools, only one in Dougherty County, so I have a little first hand local knowledge of how things work. I also know the results I obtain when interviewing people for jobs in my current position. Plus I know about what my own children experienced when attending Summer School in Dougherty County, and their regular School in Lee. As to the remedial classes for most colleges, I think yopu would be shocked. Yes, mine is a Letter to the Editor, not a Journalistic piece.


Shinedownfan 2 years, 3 months ago

He is "just saying", Pat. Walt is invoking thought of letter's readers (getting us to think). And I know "Many times tests are taught prior to giving them" has been done in the past. And isnt this letter about protection for whistleblowers?


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