Future depends upon standing up for right

Mr. Fletcher,

Thank you for your “Mother, son provide face of scandal” article (editor’s note: Carlton Fletcher column, Dec. 25). As a Marine deployed forward, it breaks my heart that this is happening in Albany. I want to encourage you to fight the good fight. Issues like this are exactly what the press was created for. Please don’t let up. Tell your fellow journalists this is what it’s all about. This isn’t about selling papers or meeting deadlines. THIS IS ABOUT OUR FUTURE and making a difference. I may not have been born and raised in Albany, BUT IT’S MY HOME NOW and I will fight for it alongside you and those others who will bring a voice to the face you shared and champion their cause. People often thank Marines for our service, but it’s for naught if things like this at home go unchallenged and unchanged.

As a Marine I’ve been all over the world. My family has accompanied me to every duty station I’ve been to. During my deployments I often read the local paper more than I do when I’m at home. It helps me stay connected. Of all the places I’ve been, this is the first time that I’ve lost sleep because of where my family is. Normally, it’s them worrying about me ... now it’s the other way around. But you see, it’s greater than that. What I’ve been reading doesn’t just worry me about my family, it worries me about our community, our country and the future for which we fight. The Marine Corps’ motto is HONOR, COURAGE and COMMITMENT. We aren’t perfect at it, but we strive for it because this is what we stand for. This is an extension of what our country stands for.

Times like this require average men and women to step forward and demand a change. You and your team of journalists have an opportunity to place a line in the sand to say, “We’re not going to take it anymore!” and be the catalyst to a brighter future in Albany. You once wrote, “Our world, it seems, is filled with two kinds of people: those who’ll do anything to ‘win’ and those who refuse to sacrifice principle for the sake of gain.” I believe there is a third kind of person, one who refuses to be defeated while standing up for what is right. The lone voice that cries out for right while the masses indulge in their personal whims.

Our children are counting on us. Thank you for your service to our community and our future!




waltspecht 3 years, 11 months ago

Well said. There needs to be more than Journalistic support, there needs to be support from the people. There need to be enough folks willing to say enough already. There needs to be average folks standing up at Board, Council and Civic meetings expressing their outrage over any issue they find a need to address. Most of all, People need to get out and vote their conscience.


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