Police/Fire/EMS - Dec. 29, 2011

ALBANY — Albany police responded to at least 53 incidents Tuesday and into the early hours of Wednesday, according to available police reports. Police responded to incidents including:

— Aggravated battery on the 500 block of South Cotton Avenue;

— Stalking on the 1100 block of North Westover Boulevard;

— Missing person, runaway juvenile on the 1000 block of Davidson Drive;

— Battery on the 1600 block of Avalon Avenue and the 2300 block of Dawson Road;

— Identity fraud on the 800 block of Odom Avenue;

— Theft by taking on the 1500 block of Westwood Drive, the 1100 block of Wingate Avenue, the 2700 block of Henri Avenue and the 300 block of Cordele Road;

— Burglary on the 2300 block of North Monroe Street, the 1900 block of Ledo Road, two calls to the 1500 block of Henri Avenue, the 2400 block of Brierwood Drive, the 1800 block of Radium Springs Road, the 3200 block of Trowbridge Drive, the 1300 block of South Jefferson Street, the 1200 block of Towering Pines Lane and the 2000 block of Skylane Drive;

— Entering auto on the 900 block of North Madison Street;

— Motor vehicle theft on the 1200 block of Maryland Drive;

— Assault (domestic) on the 1400 block of Elva Street and the 2000 block of Tompkins Avenue;

— Simple battery (domestic) on the 900 block of South Street and the 400 block of Flint Avenue;

— Vandalism, domestic on the 500 block of Louis Avenue and the 200 block of Slater King Drive;

— Domestic (unfounded) on the 2600 block of Pinevalley Road, the 2000 block of Tompkins Avenue, the 2500 block of Cardinal Court, the 600 block of Arrowhead Lane, the 400 block of South McKinley Street, the 600 block of West Gordon Avenue, the 500 block of Louis Avenue, the 100 block of Mitchell Avenue, the 600 block of Johnson Road and the 2300 block of Hawthorne Drive.

Compiled by Pete Skiba